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    child custody attorney in Tampa, Florida
    Family Lawyer, Tampa Florida
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    Divorce & Family Law Lawyer, Tampa, Florida

    Filing for Protective Orders in Tampa Bay, Florida

    In Florida, there are four types of protective orders or restraining orders. Legally called injunctions, a
    protective order is utilized to protect a person, whether a women, man or child from harm. The four
    types of protective orders in Florida are:

    • Domestic Violence
    • Repeat Violence
    • Sexual Violence
    • Dating Violence

    What is a Protective Order?

    A protective order, also sometimes called an injunction or restraining order, is an order issued by the courts when a judge finds reason to believe that a person's life is under imminent danger due to domestic violence. The courts can order one person (the abuser) from taking action against the other (victim) by limiting their ability to go near the victim and it can prohibit the person who is being accused
    of domestic violence from doing a variety of other things such as calling, texting, emailing, stalking or
    making any type of contact with the victim; The courts can also order a person to turn in their
    firearms, passports, or take a variety of other actions as they see fit and according to Florida law as it
    applies to protective orders.

    Domestic Violence, Divorce and Family Law in Tampa Bay, Florida

    As it applies to family law, injunctions are often necessary to protect the life and welfare of a person
    who believes that their life is in immediate danger. If you have been a victim of domestic violence by
    your spouse or if you are living with a partner and have biological children together, you should seek a
    safe place immediately, then, promptly file for a protective order and other relief if applicable.
    Protective Orders and Child Custody

    When there are children involved in domestic violence situations, it is crucial to seek a safe place first,
    then contact a Tampa family law attorney to help you file the proper motions for a protective order and other relief. This will be a part of the first steps in helping you to navigate you and your children to a place of well being and safety. Hiring a divorce attorney in Tampa, Florida who is experienced in filing protective orders for both men and women and who has decades of experience practicing Florida family law can be in your best interest.


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