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    Establishing Paternity

    A paternity action must be filed with the courts for the purposes of establishing the identity of the father of children who are born out of wedlock. In Florida, it is presumed by the courts that children who are conceived to married couples have already established paternity, however, if you have doubts regarding the paternity of a child, our law firm can help you challenge this in court. In Florida, paternity must be established before child support and custody/visitation (time-sharing) can be determined by a Court.

    Filing a Petition to Establish Paternity

    Both the mother and a father can file a paternity case in family court.  Either parent can request that a Florida court order DNA testing however, both parents can also agree that the child is the biological child. In this case, no DNA testing is required.

  •  Fl Statutes 742.12 regarding paternity and DNA testing to determine paternity

    Fees for DNA Testing
    The fees for DNA testing can be ordered to be paid by both parties, however, if the alleged father is not the biological father, then the mother may have to reimburse the father for his portion of the fees. If the mother pays the fee for DNA testing and it is proven that the biological father is as claimed by the mother, the courts may have the father reimburse the mother for his portion of the fee. The fees and costs for scientific tests, however, shall be paid by the parties in proportions and at times determined by the court unless the parties reach a stipulated agreement which is adopted by the court.

    If you need an aggressive divorce lawyer in Tampa who can represent you in a paternity lawsuit or if you would like more information about how to go forward with a paternity lawsuit, please contact our office for a consultation. Once paternity is established you can then go forward with petitioning the courts for child support, timeshare and other relief with regards to the child or children.

    Contact a Tampa Paternity Attorney

    If you have been served with a petition to establish paternity or need to establish paternity, please call our family law firm at (813) 879-4600 for a consultation.

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